Manglorean Beaches

If you’re looking for some peace and quiet, head to Tannirbhavi beach. One of the cleanest Manglorean beaches, you have to take the ferry across the Gurupurra river from Sultan Battery. It’s a five-minute walk once you’ve crossed the river and is not as crowded as the famous Panambur beach. An ideal place to relax, it is approximately 20-minutes away from the city centre and is famous for its white sand and silence. However, swimming is not allowed here during rainy season.  Panambur beach, on the other hand, is full of activity with plenty of foodstalls, jet-ski and camel rides, boating and other options to keep children as well as adults entertained. A kite festival is held on this beach every year, so if you’re around don’t miss it. If you like watersports, you can give surfing, stand-up paddling and wakeboarding a go, at the Mantra Surf Club.